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Bioavailable with Stevia. Apple flavor 

It has marked properties that restore flexibility and joint mobility, strengthening the structure of bone and cartilage. It also promotes good maintenance of blood vessels.

The most significant properties of silicon include the two major diseases of modern society: osteoarthritic processes and arteriosclerosis. In the first, silicon helps the formation of collagen fibers giving flexibility and elasticity to the skin and muscles and tendons mobility. It also facilitates the binding of calcium, thus contributing to bone healing. As for arteriosclerosis, it is a fundamental constituent of the vessel walls, improving its elasticity.

Other of its properties is to prevent hair loss and harden the nail, as the organic silicon acts reactivating the enzymatic actions, which are responsible for the increased production of hair and reconstitution of collagen.

PRESENTATION: Bottle 1000 ml

How to use:

Shake before using. Take 25 ml per day. a period of four weeks is recommended. Renewable if required.

Ingredients per 25 ml: Purified water, stabilizer (Choline Chloride), orthosilicic acid 85.75 mg (25 mg Silicon), Acidity regulator (Citric Acid), aroma (natural aroma of apple), Conservative (potassium sorbate) and sweetener (steviol glycosides).



should not be given to pregnant women or nursing mothers, or children without the supervision of a health professional. You should always consult a health care professional, in case of doubt, for proper consumption.

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