Holopai 3-S - Drops - 31ml - Equisalud

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Holapai 3-S - Drops - 31ml - Equisalud

digestive stimulator.

It is a supplement which stimulates the formation of bile in the liver and secretion thereof in order to facilitate digestion.

Indicated in cases of lazy gallbladder, gallstones (facilitates secretion), bloating, indigestion, slow digestion and pancreatic insufficiencies.

colagoga plants and choleretic action (increased production and secretion of bile) and carminative unite to help the expulsion of gases. This mixture contains abundant bitter principles which are capable of producing a greater amount of bile in the digestive and therefore greater efficiency in the digestion of fats. The fumaria also acts to prevent spasms of the sphincter of Oddi. Bitter principles in turn act to Pancreatic level stimulating the secretion of digestive juices that facilitate enzymatic digestion.


Artichoke, Boldo, Centaurea Minor, Fumaria, fennel, mint, rosemary

How to use

20 or 30 drops in half glass of water or juice, 3 times a day. Sometimes it will be desirable to increase the frequency of feedings, which does not cause any side effects.


31 ml.

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