Swollen spelt with honey. 150g. Biográ

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Ideal to take breakfast with milk or alone as an appetizer.

150g container.


Spelt and honey from organic farming

Spelt is used as the common wheat for bread, biscuits, flour and even beer.

This is a plant that has extraordinary properties in the assimilation of nutrients, has the peculiarity that has not been manipulated or "crusade" with other species, so it is considered pure. Compared with the common wheat has a higher percentage of protein, minerals, vitamins, and also provides the eight essential amino acids, matter of important consideration for vegetarians who do not get amino acids from animal products.

Spelt provides magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin E, vitamin B and beta carotene. It is ideal for the consumed natural wheat allergic people, and for its abundant fiber, buckwheat is an excellent food to treat constipation. It contains no cholesterol and is rich in essential fatty acids that the body needs to eat since it can not synthesize and are indispensable, among other things, for proper brain functioning. 

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