Kamut swollen with honey. 150gr. Biográ

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Kamut swollen with honey. Biographical.

Ideal for breakfast for their high energy input.

antioxidant effect thanks to the contribution of selenium and vitamin E (30% more than in common wheat). Important in case of cardiovascular problems as they help prevent oxidation of cholesterol.

Kamut wheat has too much fiber as it is a very fine grain skin. That gives a richer flavor and simultaneously also improves digestibility.
Generally it has a higher amount of minerals (magnesium, zinc, selenium, calcium and potassium) and also vitamins B

It produces fewer allergies than common wheat because it is not a hybrid. Current types of wheat have been many crossings to suit the needs of the moment (weather, fashions, textures ...).

Its flavor is tastier (although that can be very personal) than conventional wheat as it is has less water content and is richer in minerals. Very good use of their proteins because of their wealth in the amino acid Lysine is often scarce in cereals.

Like its rich wheat carbohydrates give us a good level of continuous power.

Kamut Wheat Nutrition Information

(Per 100 g.)
310 calories.
Protein: 14 g.
Fat: 2.6 g.
65 g. carbohydrate.
2g. fiber.

150g container

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