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BIO CORN MEAL 500G - biogra

Cornmeal is extracted by grinding the inner part or core of the grain. This part accounts for 75% of the weight of the cereal grain, and consists mainly of starch, and a protein complex called zein. Corn bread flour does not originate because in its composition does not contain proteins that make up the gluten to be kneaded with water. As this flour does not have enough capacity to grow the mass, it is advisable to mix with others. For a good result the proper ratio would be 1: 1, ie, a cup of corn flour for each cup of flour.

How to use

Cornmeal gives sponginess biscuits or cakes to providing a slightly sweet taste. Goes well with cheese, butter, nuts, milk, wheat or other seeds. Besides its use in baking, doing very well to coat or to give a good mass croquettes and crackers.


Cornmeal (100%) *. *: From organic farming.


500 Gr.


Energy: 48 kcal Protein: 8.3g Fat: 2.8 g H. carbon: 75,7g Dietary Fiber: 0g.

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