My name is Julio Ureste Agreda from Soria, the story began ten years ago when my doctor diagnosed me disc herniation the L5 with what I was soon undergone to a surgery.

Eight months later I started to feel just as at the beginning and went back to see the doctor and I was again operated because I had a fibrosis caused by the wound produced in previous operation. Because of fibrosis I had to operate three times more. In the last intervention they only opened and closed as wheneve I was touched the wound grew larger and axphyxiated me the nerve.
They tried all kinds of therapies (infiltrations, morphine patches, anti-inflammatories, etc.) to relieve my pain, but all in vain. In the end after doing the thousand and one Probatino they tested with a neurostimulator inserted into my back as if a pacemaker and so was I for over a year with pain and tucked into a depression because I could not deal with my personal situation. I felt unable to take my family along, I had a son with cerebral palsy, owed ​​money to the bank and with my inability to not know how to get out of this.

One day talking to my sister in law she told me about Elena Arcega who had helped her to overcome other problems and advised me to visit her because for the time she passed visit inTarazona. During the first visits she treated my problem about my depression and after two months past aproximatively we started the Apitherapy treatment.

I started to feel better within a few weeks and since then my life has completely changed. Currently I take my work like a normal person and on emotional level frankly I do not recognise me, now I have a better relationship with my family and friends and all thanks to Apitherapy.

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I am Francisco Soler Martinez, a native of Paiport  Valencia and neighbour of Remolinos Zaragoza.

On August 17th 2007, when I got out of bed I felt a tug on the back that I could not move the left arm and head due to intense pain in the back and neck. At first I thought I would have caught a simple cold and stiff neck, but on Monday I went to my usual physiotherapist and it seemed a contracture. He was visiting me 15 days without any improvement and to bacwards it was increasingly worse. I could hardly move and not even sleep I was based with anti-inflammatory drugs as  because of my self-employed status I had to keep working, he eventually said there was something more since the improvement was zero. 

I changed my physiotherapist and I went to one of CAI Basketball and he applies its techniques for another 15 days and nothing ever worse, I had to go to the emergency room to see if they could make me a Resonance with no success, more anti-inflammatory and nothing at all. 

I switched to an orthopedist with ozone infiltrations and exactly the same, then I told him about the resonance and I did it by payment. Result 3 herniated discs in the 3, 4 and 5 vertebra and a crack of 1 cm. on the 7th dorsal, I finally knew at what was due the intense pain I was suffering for over a month and each time was worse. The orthopedic surgeon told me I had to operate with the aggravating circumstance that due to where they were in the Srg. Social they almost certainly would not want to have surgery because of the risk of the operation was the chance of becoming quadriplegic from the neck down which certainly was not very nice to say though that in order to continue working I had to apply myself Radio Salil every 2 hours to mitigate the pain.

In these Remolinos neighbor sees me and asks me what happens I do so bad face, I explain what happened to me and the time I was like this and she told me as follows.

Why don't you to the bees to Tauste, my son- in-law was like you and it did very well. 

Automatically I ask her the telephone, and upon arriving home I call and explain what happened to me. She gave me an appointment for the next day, Wednesday in Tarazona. I come with all the documentation available, radiographs etc. she displays and tells me that if I do what she says and I have no allergies to bees, she can improve my condition.

My response was, whatever it takes. 

She sent me cleansing herbs, bee pollen, propolis and honey and on Friday she said to return to the query in Tauste. Said and done, on Friday, of course I went there with my pains. After a small test in case I had allergies, which thankfully I had not because my body had endured luckily everything unimaginable, six bees stung me in the first session, with some discomfort but nothing compared to the pain that hernias  and fissure produced to me. Which would not be my surprise when the next day I noticed some relief. I returned at seven days and she put me 12 bees, still without any reaction and pain had dropped considerably. I could move the arm and the neck. I came back again to the seven days and 16 were which I resisted and I remained without bites nuisance. The pain had referred almost entirely. To all this we were at the end of November and Elena told me that she gave me appointment for the end of December and in case of ache to call her. 

Until the middle of January and as they say, holy hand. In late December I cancelled the visit and postponed it for January.

You can imagine the joy I felt and the faith in these treatment, moving from a high-risk operation to, in a month, be almost without discomfort. That provoked in me a blind faith in the bee products in any of its forms, because in additionI  was taking pills for stress and I left them. Poison apart  revitalizing my defenses was getting regulating my body. 

Starting from that moment I was spacing visits until today to 3 visits a year as a reminder and certainly not because I feel discomfort but because there are so many benefits that it is worth continuing.

I feel great, I run four days a week, i participate in popular racings much better than before and of course OF hernias and cleft,  I don't remember that I even had them and all thanks to the person who told me that there was such treatment, to the ...
Apitherapy ... and the great luck I had to put myself in the hands of the best APITHERAPIST  THAT WE HAVE LUCK TO HAVE IN  TAUSTE ZARAGOZA



Tel: 669 353 023.