Podal Reflexology











It deals with a millennial  technique that began in Egypt. They realized that through pressures on the feet or handspains and alterations were appeased in the person.


Chinese continued to investigate and came to contrast points by pressures and locating reflex points every ailment. So were creating maps.

Fitzgerald specificaly noted that in the operations patients who flattened fingers on the armrests suffered less.

Reflexology is a technique based on applying pressure with the thumb in different areas of the foot area, to stimulate the various systems including: digestive, circulatory, musculoskeletal, bone and muscle.



It is recommended for:

                                                 - Helping relaxation.

                                                 - Sleep disturbances.

                                                 - School Failures.

                                                 -  Alzheimer prevention.

                                                 -  Dermatological disorders.

                                                 - Alterations in throat, ears and eyes.

                                                 -  Respiratory disorders.


                                                 -  Digestive disorders.

                                                  - Joint and back disorders.




  1. An exploration and appreciation of all points is realized.
  2.  On these points or deposits found the work is performed.


Price per session  €30.