It is a medicine system which relies on the use of exclusively natural substances rather than drugs, for the treatment of diseases.


Herbs, vegetables that grow without the addition of artificial fertilizers, and preparations without preservatives or colouring substances, pure water, sunlight and fresh air, are used in an effort to rid the body of "unnatural"substances  which are believed to be the root of many diseases.


Naturopathy, is a life philosophy , a different way to live in which the patient is   conscious of his own responsibility in front of his health and take charge of his life, for his improvement.


Pathologies such as irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, diabetes or dyslipidemia, are directly related to habits and unhealthy lifestyles.


Naturopathy can help us to acquire patterns of healthy behaviors to enhance our quality of life and that of our environment, balancing our diet, facilitating the elimination of toxins and strengthening the immune system.


Naturopathy uses natural elements to prevent and treat diseases like slipped disc, osteoarthritis, anaemia, autoimmune diseases and a long list of ailments more only acting with no invasive natural therapies administered in our Center. For this purpose the therapist has tools such as:


                                                                     -  Phytotherapy

                                                                     - Apitherapy

                                                                     - Chromotherapy

                                                                     - Diet Therapy

                                                                     - Aromatherapy
                                                                     - Homeopathy
                                                                     - Iridology.

And all those techniques allowing to rebalance the body's vital force. That means, it seeks to stimulate self-healing and recovery capabilities of each person.

With these elements it is possible to treat a great number of diseases, either as monotherapy or as an adjunct to other healing methods.

The vibrational energy field,that is, work with energy and subtle bodies has taken an unexpected boom; however these are very ancient healing methods. All civilizations had healers who knew vibrational medicine techniques.

Among these methods are flower essences that vibrate at higher frequencies than those of the physical plane. These contain the ethereal principle of flowers energy flowers, their vital energy.

In them there is no smell, no taste, except for the brandy with which they are prepared. No measurable active principles by our traditional laboratory methods.

They do not contain the plant as essential oils. Flowers are the reproductive organs of plants, representing the maximum concentration of vital strength in a vegetable. As they act to a higher vibrational frequency, they generate the healing of the etheric planes whose effect will be reproduced later in the physical plane.


The floral scents were rediscovered by the English Physician and Homeopath Edward Bach. He investigated the healing virtues of 38 flowers and conservation methods and use of them. His work was dedicated to healing of emotions and he systematized a "medicine of the soul" of simple processing simple, accessible to all people. So were born Bach Flower.

Today, there are many other systems with floral essences extracted from different species, distributed worldwide. Among the best known  we have the essence of Bush, the essences of California and the Orchids of Machu Picchu. Currently, there is even a floral system elaborated with Atacama flowered desert species.

Flower essences act normalizing non physical vibrations, therefore, their mode of action is smooth and the time required for treatment is variable. They produce notable changes in behavior patterns in a natural and harmonic way always from the subtle planes to physical. It is that way that a treatment sustained over time will help us to balance those unwanted emotional patterns, to make us more aware of ourselves and eradicate what prevents us from access to welfare and health.