Type of therapies with the QXCI / SCIO.



Energetic Medecine.

The patient’s energetic fluctuations measurement and normalities’ correction at biological speeds is perhaps the deepest advance in the natural medicine in the last two hundred years.



With the bioresonance therapy we achieve to erase pathologic frequencies, which at the same time induce to the meeting of toxins derivation by the immunologic system and restore the “clusters” normal structure, which is associated at harmonious framework reconstruction. That way the resonance with strength fields that rule inside and outside of the organism can be possible again.

The QXCI / SCIO allows testing thousand substances at biological speeds of a hundredth. Besides realizing energetic therapies like the bioresonance, Rife, Bicom, Mora, Escalar, PNL, etc…



The QXCI / SCIO tests the substances individually and maximize automatically results not only by one canal but by 55 canals the QXCI and 110 canals the SCIO.


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