Important customer information



To order, follow these instructions:

Click on "My Basket". The display shows a detailed list of the items you have selected and bidswe proprose you. To place an item in the Basket, go to the description of the product you want, choose the desired quantity and click "Add". Click on "My Basket" in the upper right corner of the home page to access this information.



Step 1: Order Summary

If you desire, modify your order, increasing or decreasing the number of items selected.
If you have a discount voucher, check the appropriate box.
To continue, click "Next".



Step 2: Identification

If this is the first time you place an order with us, check the box which is on the left, and click on "Create Account". A new window will be displayed. Enter your personal data (required fields: name, address, city, country and email address) and create an account.

If you have already placed orders with us online, log indicating your email address to the right of the page. Your data will automatically appear once you have entered your email address and password.

To continue, click on 'Identification'.



Step 3: Address

If you want, change the delivery address or billing, if these differ from those provided during the account creation process.
To continue, click "Next".



Step 4: Shipping

If the amount of the purchase exceeds 50 euros, shipping will be free (except in the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and outside Spain).

For orders below 50 euros, shipping costs apply according to weight.

For orders outside of Spain, transportation will be a one-off cost 20 €.

NATIONAL SHIPPINGS Canary and Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla:  For orders equal or greater than € 100, the shipping is free. The maximum weight of the order may not exceed 2 kg.  For orders of more weight, please consult our store: Tel: +34 96 286 17 31 / E-mail:

To continue, accept the general conditions and click "Next".

Step 5: Payment

You have at your disposal several payment options:

Click on "Secure Payment" if you wish to pay your purchase directly by credit card. Our system ensures the safety of the operation.

Click on "Bank Transfer" if you want to pay your purchase using this payment method.

Click "Paypal" if you wish to pay your purchase via Paypal account.

Click on "COD" if you wish to pay your purchase using this payment method.

Order Confirmation

Once validated the order, we will send you a confirmation email. This message will include your name, order description, price and shipping address. Our system records the order date and content, which is subject to further verification by our services to check its compliance with the description of the product offered at the time of ordering.