Integral spiral buckwheat 250g Castagno

Integral spiral buckwheat 250g Castagno

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To develop your pasta dishes in true Italian style, CASTAGNO has developed: SPIRAL COMPREHENSIVE FAGOPYRUM Ecological.

Ingredients: 100% whole wheat flour * Buckwheat
(*) = In organic production

Produced in a facility where they are produced and used other cereals, sesame and soy. They are not used in the company meat, eggs or milk.

For the preparation of all products we use Castagno Bruno exclusively selected raw materials and purchased directly from farmers. Each ingredient (grain, flour, spices) is subjected to rigorous controls to detect the slightest chemical or microbiological contamination, in collaboration with the most prestigious Italian laboratories, which monitor and constantly verify the absence of up to 200 active ingredients harmful considered.
This quality requirement allows raw materials to be approved and become Castagno products.
Subsequently, the pasta making is marked by a slow drying process at low temperature to retain the most nutritional properties and the typical cereal flavor. The result is an ecological quality pasta.   

Keep the product in cool, dry, protected from odors and direct sunlight.
Product labels made from recycled paper   

Cooking Tips:
When the water is boiling add salt and pasta. Bring to a boil, keep 5 to 7 minutes (depending on the manufacturer), stirring occasionally. Test and if the pasta is ready, season to taste and accompany. And to enjoy!
A quick dish and like every palate. Bon Appetite!

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